Christine Hallman, M.S.W, M.Ed. (Hope-Filled Futures, LLC) is a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in working with young children and their families.  With the combination of master’s degrees in early childhood special education and clinical social work, she is particularly skilled in providing sensitive child and family-centered therapy.  Christine has over 15 years professional experience focused on preschool-aged children, including home-based early intervention services and serving as one of Virginia’s infant and toddler specialists. Christine knows that becoming and being a parent is one of the most wonderful, but also one of the most difficult, experiences.   While most people think that raising a young child is easy, Christine knows firsthand how challenging it can be.  In fact, it is no surprise that parents of infants and toddlers are at a greater risk of depression.  Because young children experience the same range and intensity of emotions as adults but don’t have the verbal or cognitive ability to express or manage these feelings, young children frequently use behavior to communicate emotions, including challenging behaviors such as tantrums or physically acting out.  Young children also may experience a difficult event or trauma and have difficulty coping.  While every child’s experience is different, Christine hopes families will feel comfortable partnering with her to help figure out how to help their young child learn more effective and appropriate ways to express emotions which will hopefully last a lifetime.

Karen DiNuzzo (Student-Centered Psychological Services, LLC) is a Licensed School Psychologist with many years of experience conducting comprehensive psycho-educational evaluations.  As a parent of three grown children, she is empathetic to the needs of children and families regarding academic and social/emotional challenges that can develop during childhood.  Karen builds a rapport with children and families and thoroughly investigates the strengths and weaknesses of each child.  She consults with school personnel and other specialists upon request.  Developing appropriate recommendations to assist children and families in becoming more competent in managing daily stressors and challenges is an important component of Karen’s evaluations.  Karen earned her M.A. in Psychology and an M. Ed. from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.  Her undergraduate degree was in Elementary Education at West Virginia University. She worked as a teacher and private tutor for 15 years for children with learning disabilities, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disabilities, and a wide array of social/emotional challenges.  She has 14 years of experience as a school psychologist at the elementary, middle, and high school levels in Northern Virginia.  Karen has also worked as an Adjunct Professor for four colleges and is a Supervisor for Master Level students pursuing special education degrees at James Madison University.  She is currently teaching psychology classes at Thomas Nelson Community College. 

Linda Bourdon, Ed.D. (Independence Child Therapy Services LLC) is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in working with children and their families.  Dr. Bourdon conducts psychological and educational evaluations, child and family counseling sessions, and works with families to implement behavioral  treatment programs for clients with various emotional and behavioral challenges and/or developmental disabilities.  Dr. Bourdon has an extensive background in working with clients who have autism spectrum disorders in particular, in addition to  learning disabilities, ADHD, and intellectual disabilities.  Play therapy and cognitive behavioral methods are emphasized in her therapy sessions.  Behavioral treatment programs are based on a philosophy of positive behavioral supports and emphasize methods of functional behavior assessment.  Consultation services can be provided to schools and community agencies, and assistance is offered in developing IEPs and accommodation plans. More information is available at      

Who We Are

Jana Brultz, LPC is a licensed professional counselor who has over 25 years of experience with a broad range of clients and concerns.  She works with adults and families who have diagnosed conditions and personality disorders as well as people struggling with everyday problems such as relationship difficulties, stress management, and other issues that can affect one's well being.  She notes that counseling or "talk therapy" is working together with a therapist on issues that are important to you.  Jana's expertise includes working with  depression, anxiety,  grief and loss, addiction, marital and other relationship issues, parenting problems and caregiver stress, self esteem and personal development. 


  • Our providers accept many major insurance plans, including some Medicaid and Medicare plans. Check with your individual provider for questions about coverage.
  • Our office can assist in filing claims for reimbursement if your provider does not participate in your plan.
  • We accept payment from HSA and FSA accounts in addition to all major credit cards.
  • A child suspected of having a disability may be eligible for an assessment by the local school division at no cost to their family.  It is recommended that this option be considered prior to pursuing a private evaluation.
  • We conduct Independent Educational and Psychological Evaluations for local school divisions.  
  • In the event of inclement weather, our office will typically close if the local schools are closed. 

Stacia Chapman, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker with over 20 years of experience in helping children and adults learn coping skills for issues such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, grief and loss, stress management, or feeling "stuck" in life. Stacia has extensive training and experience in working with people who have experienced traumatic events and addiction. Some kids struggle with their behaviors due to symptoms of anxiety, ADHD, low self-esteem, or even PTSD symptoms. Stacia strategizes with children and their parents to address these concerns in an understanding, creative, and compassionate manner. Counseling for kids should be fun, informative, and helpful. Stacia develops positive behavioral strategies for use at school and home so clients can better manage their behaviors and feelings.  Teenagers today have intense challenges to face, and their feelings and behaviors can be confusing for everyone involved.  Through counseling, adolescents can express their feelings in a non-judgmental place where no one else needs to hear what they are thinking or feeling.  Stacia offers help in finding new ways to think about and handle these confusing issues.   For adults, depression, stress, anxiety, and panic are extremely common in our lives. These symptoms can sometimes feel like they’re “taking over”. By talking about these thoughts and feelings, learning new ways to deal with them, and practicing stress management techniques, clients can begin to feel they have more control over their lives. pe your paragraph here.

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